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vent Logistics management is the final stage in a long chain when running an event, so you need an experienced Event Logistics company who understand the event industries and Event Transport. A-B 24/7 offer a high level of professionalism and customer service, no matter how large or small the project.

If you are based outside London we have the expertise and local knowledge to bring your event, exhibition stand and equipment to any of Londons many venues. if you need a full event logistics organising or just Event Transport support with one stage we can help with:


Whether it is a simple phone conversation or an initial meeting our team will advise on all the event transport considerations for your event, exhibition or show. With extensive experience with the access requirements of many venues, we can help finalise your requirements. As long as we know the what, the where and the when – we’ll take care of the how… that’s our expertise.

Event Logistics Consultation meeting
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Planning and Co-ordination

Our team will look at all the transport stages required for your project. Whether that is simply the best route for a single delivery or arranging collection from a variety of suppliers and hirers. We will look at what vehicles, what team and how many people are needed. Our team will liaise with venues to check access, opening times etc. and whether we need to store equipment in advance of delivery.

Event Logistics Planning and co-ordination
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Wherever in the UK we have to be we will be there, on-time and ready to load-up what ever hour of the day or night required. We can also organise an extra pair hands or larger crew if we have a lot or large items to collect. Our team will arrange collection on the day or in advance depending on the scope of the project. The team in the office and our drivers on the road will keep everyone up to date on progress.

Event Logistics  collection and delivery
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Short-Term Storage

If we are collecting goods / collateral in advance of delivery we will store securely at our depot… find out more about our storage services. Short-term storage is always available during an event if you cannot keep flight cases, boxes, packaging, etc. at the venue. We can also offer arrange long-term storage if you need us to look after your collateral / equipment until your next event.

Event Logistics storage and warehousing in Wimbledon London UK
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Event Logistics Management

The team at A-B 24/7 Event Logistics will fully manage our Event Trucks every step of the way. We don’t use networks so you have the reassurance we have everything under control. All of our vehicles are tracked on the road and progress monitored. Our office will keep everyone involved updated and liaise directly with managers and the venue.

Event Logistics team management
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On the day / night of delivery we’ll make sure our team are on-site with time in hand. During the journey we’ll be monitoring the road ahead as traffic conditions can change without warning so we avoid unexpected delays. Our drivers keep in contact with our depot who will be monitoring progress and our team will be keeping the client and the venue updated as well. We have a wide range of vehicle types in our fleet to suit requirements.

Event Logistics delivery in London and the Uk
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We’ll ensure our vehicles are in the right place and at the right time for set-up. All access requirements, security arrangements would have been discussed in advance with the venue directly. If you need our driver to lend a hand or if you need us to arrange additional crew… find out more about our set-up services

Event Logistics setup in London O2 business design centre and Xcel
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During the Event

We can keep all flight cases and packing either in our delivery vehicles if we are returning for pack-down or take to our short-term on-site storage until we return. If you’ve forgotten something, need additional equipment we’re only a phone call away.

Event Logistic people partying during the event
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What ever time we’re required we’ll arrive in advance for pack-down. We appreciate often events run late and if we can’t wait on-site we’ll park up nearby and keep in touch with our clients / event organisers until we are needed. Our drivers will lend a hand for pack-down and we can also arrange Event Crew if required.

Event Logistics Pack down - event crew loading a trolley
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Return to our Short- Term Storage

If we can’t return collateral / equipment after pack-down we will hold at our depot. We also arrange long-term storage until your next event / exhibition if required.

Event Logistics return to storage carrying boxes
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Return Delivery

The final stage in the Event Logistics process. Whether after pack-down, or at a later date, we will take everything back to your hirers, suppliers, or your own offices or warehouse. We take care of the organisation of all the multiple drop-offs as required using our team and fleet of vehicles.

ab247 Event Logistics transport deliver and pickup england wales scotland  UK
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